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Pinchona Farm

Pinchona Farm horse Boarding Stable

Pinchona Farm

Pinchona Farm horse Boarding Stable


Marianne and Commander on a ride.


Pinchona  Farm near Montgomery, Alabama was established in 1969 by Colonel Howard  J. Morris Jr. the founder of Dressage in Alabama and now owned by David  and Marianne McLeod.  The moment you arrive at the farm, horses dot the  landscape in large open grass pastures on the 132 acre horse preserve.   The beautiful safe and tranquil setting provides horse owners and their  best friend a home away from home.  Pinchona is a no drama stress free  barn with excellent care provided to your horse.

Horses are happy here....


The gate is always open for boarders.   Barn hours  8:00 am -6:00 pm.  If you would like to board a horse, take a lesson or book a birthday party make an appointment for a  barn tour, please call 334.315.0925.

Come see what  is happening at the farm. See why horses and boarders are happy here!

History of Pinchona Farm


Pinchona  is one of Alabama's oldest Dressage and boarding stables established by  Colonel Howard J. Morris, Jr.  Colonel had a distinguished career in  the horse world.  He served on the board of directors of the American  Horse Shows Association.  He was a founding director of the United  States Training Association and a board member of the American Dressage  Institute and president of the United States Pony Clubs and started  Pinchona Pony Club.  His serious interest in Dressage dated  back to   1937.  He trained all of his horses. 

 He  and his stallion "Midnight" were invited to join the squad preparing  for the 1952 Olympic Games.  Military service prevented him from joining  the team training sessions.  His love of the sport and teaching were  evident in every aspect of his life.  "Royal Tiger," an Anglo Arabian  was his last stallion that he rode.  He trained horses and gave lessons  until his death at age 92.  Prior to his death, the Montgomery Area  Dressage and Combined Training Association awarded him a lifetime  Membership for his contribution to the sport.  For those of us that knew  and loved him, the memories of Colonel Morris sitting in his golf cart  under the large pecan tree adjacent to the dressage arena with a  dalmatian at his side still brings a smile.  Colonel would watch the  student and then say, "ride in," which meant he had pointers to improve  the ride. 



 David and Marianne McLeod purchased the farm in 2003.   Marianne had boarded her horse Ali, a half-arabian and quarter  horse beginning in 1979.  Ali was her first horse that she brought to  the farm from California.  He lived to be 33 years old and is buried at  Pinchona. Marianne and Ali were a team and spent many hours riding on  the farm.  Some of her favorite memories are of Colonel riding next to  her on Tiger. Colonel wore his binoculars and would point out the  variety of birds they encountered along the way. 


Our Team

 Pinchona  is Marianne's spiritual place and when Sue, Colonel's wife, announced  that she was selling the farm Marianne and David purchased it.  David  Jr. and Jim McCusker, Marianne's brother live on the farm as well.  This  team is dedicated to providing the horse and rider with a safe, secure,  and professionally  managed barn.  Pinchona welcomes all disciplines of horse riding lessons and has the same philosophy as Colonel, "Welcome to Pinchona". 

Horse Care

Boarding Options


Our  team is dedicated to providing the horse and rider with a safe,  secure,  and professionally  managed barn.  Pinchona welcomes all  disciplines of  riding and has the same philosophy as Colonel, "Welcome  to Pinchona". 

All boarders have access to all the amenities at Pinchona.  A mirrored dressage arena, hitchcock, round pen, riding trails, tack room, refrigerator, private bathroom and large outside deck by the 5 acre pond.

Pasture Board


Horse Boarding includes Pasture Board with large grassy paddocks with run-ins. Horses are fed twice a day  depending on each individual horse's needs. Owners prefer to provide  their own brand of feed.  We feed twice a day unless other arrangements  are made. We provide hay when the needed.  $275.00 per horse. Stall board with access to large grassy pastures $400 per horse.

Stall Board

Stall board available with stall mats - some stalls access to a 2 acre paddock.

  Main Barn $375.00 per horse are large stalls in  barn.  Stalls are 13'.4 x  11'.4.  All of the stalls in the main barn open onto 3 acre paddocks.    Horses are fed twice a day depending on each individual horses' needs.   Owners prefer to provide their own brand of feed.  We feed twice a day  unless other arrangements are made.   Hay is provided when  needed. 

Stall Board with limited grass


   $400.00 dry lot for horses that cannot be on pasture.  We provide hay year round.  Boarder provides grain.   

Veterinarian and Farriers Options


 Veterinarians  and Farriers.  Each boarder has the option of selecting their own  veterinarian and farrier.  The farm uses Dr. Susy Lange, DMV, Dr. Dee Jones DMV and Billy  Lewis respectively.   

Overnight Horse Boarding

Stall and limited pasture board with trailer parking.

   Limited stall or pasture board offered. 

   Overnight parking with electrical   outlet. 

Horse Themed Children's Birthday Parties


Bring you cowgirls and cowboys to Pinchona Farm for a one of a kind birthday party on a large deck overlooking a 4 acre pond. Create lifelong family memories.


Farm Rental includes:

2 hour party

tables and chairs

table clothes


horses and ponies

riding helmets

Total: $250 for 10 children Additional children $10.00@.

Horse and pony rides on lead line and a hay ride along the trails.



 Bring  you cowgirls and cowboys to Pinchona Farm for a one of a kind children's birthday parties on a large deck overlooking a 4 acre pond. Create lifelong family  memories. children’s birthday parties horse riding lessons


Riding Lessons By Gina Carver

Riding Lessons by Gina Carver

 While living in Europe, she rode and studied with Gran Prix riders from  England, Germany and France. Today she brings her European training and  Natural Horsemanship skills to her riding, training, and teaching. Among  Gina's goals are training and teaching the horse to be a safe,  respectful, confident and willing partner. She works in partnership with  her students to instill safe horsemanship practices both on the ground  and in the saddle. Gina works to encourage confidence and sound riding  skills by encouraging all her students to progress in a safe and  effective manner. Respect for both the student and for the horse is  always present.

Gina is also a certified Checcheti Classic Grade  I ballet instructor as well as a gymnastic instructor. Her extensive  training in these disciplines enhances her work with horses and with  riders.

Gina is the mother of four children ranging in age from 7 to 19.

Please contact her for more information on her riding program and private lessons at 334.322.4629. Openings are available now. 

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Pinchona Farm

1359 Windham Road Hope Hull, Alabama 36043

(334) 315-0925


Monday - Sunday  8am- 

Gated entrance, please make an appointment for a farm tour if you are interested in boarding a horse, riding lessons and booking a birthday party.